Which Doctors Should You Visit?

Eating right and exercising are known contributors to living a healthy lifestyle, but seeing your doctors for routine appointments is also important to healthy living. Below you will find a general overview of important doctors to regularly visit for check-ups.

General Physician

If you are under the age of 50 and in good health, the guidelines suggest a check-up with your general physician every three years. Your doctor will assess your overall wellness by checking factors such as your blood pressure and heart rate. If your doctor suspects any concerns with your health, he or she can recommend treatment or refer you to another doctor if need be.


The general recommendation for the dentist is once every six months. During your regular check-ups, you will likely undergo a minimum treatment of teeth cleaning and examinations, but some dentists offer additional care routines such as fluoride rinse as well. In addition, you will generally get x-rays of your mouth at least once a year, which gives your dentist a deeper look to identify any potential problems. 

If you do have a cavity or other oral problem, your dentist will likely schedule you for a follow-up appointment to address the problem soon. If left untreated, tooth and gum problems can worsen with time. 

Eye Doctor

Annual exams with your eye doctor Halifax are important to your eye health. Your vision can change throughout your life so even if your latest report was 20/20 with no problems, this can very easily change within a year. Annual exams will allow your doctor to check for any vision deficiencies as well as the health of your eye structures.

The recommendations above are general guidelines, but if you have any new health concerns you should make a new appointment at that time so that your specialist may provide any medical attention you may need.